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Building Immunity In Home & Heart –
FREE Downloadable Guide

A beautiful blend of ancient & modern wisdom, recipes for vitality, self-reflection practices, and more...all geared towards strengthening the voice within and building sustainable immunity.

In times of great uncertainty, having tools to bring us back to center and build a solid foundation is the difference between calm and hysteria. In this "take what feels good, ditch the rest" kind of resource, we encourage you find small, action steps to bolstering immunity in your home (your body) and within your heart.

As a gift to the mamas in this community, this downloadable guide will be FREE for the foreseeable future.




For some of us, we find a subtle rhythm within the mundane. It’s a place where our minds are preoccupied doing busy things and our hearts are opened up to speak clearly.

There is great beauty, freedom and grace in using the inner voice as our guide. No longer is the need for unsupportive cultural narratives to validate our beliefs and decisions. The unsurmountable pressure to act and be a certain way, especially as modern women and mothers is removed, and in its place is an intuitive adaptability that comes from an illuminated inner knowing...


Our Seva Community Mantra


Devotion To
Our Sacred Service

The selfless, sacred service of motherhood is witnessed, celebrated and honored – #itsourseva


Anchoring Into
Personal Practice

Embodying personal practice provides the steady pulse to the inescapable transformation of motherhood


Creating Safe Space
& Community

A paradigm shift that moves away from unsupportive narratives and towards surrender & grace


I was energetically stuck in the silent, unspoken space that marks the ending and the beginning of something beautiful. It was where infertility ends and simultaneously, pregnancy begins.

Article 003: A $20 Palm Reading and The Power of Being Seen

"She reminded me that my most important role is that of MOTHER. She also reminded me that a mother’s “success” is often intangible, hidden…unspoken."

Article 002: Changing The Status Quo of Motherhood Productivity

"It’s chats about redefining our identities. It’s sharing anxieties that seem too small to be labeled. It’s finding ways to forge our own path to parenting. It’s coming to terms with selflessly devoting ourselves to something greater.
These are the Unspoken Spaces of Motherhood"

Article 001: A Manifesto For The Unspoken Spaces of Motherhood

I wanted to be inspired by others’ stories and other cultures around the world, many of which have this mothering thing seemingly figured out. I wanted to be able to tap into a support system at all hours of the day, guilt free.

Article 000: Introducing, Our Seva.

"Knowing how transformative it is to find support and validation within a community that honors the unspoken spaces of motherhood, I now fully understand the interdependence between motherhood and community. It’s freaking empowering."

Article 001: A Manifesto For The Unspoken Spaces of Motherhood

Unfortunately, I’ve found many of the digital communities for new mothers to be lacking in depth on the more challenging topics, spewing dialogue that is overwhelming, mediocre and often disguised behind a layer of desperation and crying emojis. No, thank you!

Article 000: Introducing, Our Seva.