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001 – A Manifesto For The Unspoken Spaces of Motherhood

It’s all over the internet, so it must be true. 

The internet says that in order for mothers to be able to “make it through” (what does that even mean?), that we would be wise to have a supportive “village”, “tribe”, “posse” backing our every move…or else! 

It’s one buzz word after another, immediately making a new mother feel inadequate in her own capabilities and motherly instincts. 

I’m only a compelling case study of one, but I now believe the hype of having a village. Here’s my story of discovering the power of collective mothering.

At 2AM, deep within an unwelcoming forum for new mothers, I searched, “When do the good parts start?”.

Mom-guilt weighs down on me as I admit that, but at the time I was navigating a personal identity crisis with a 4 month old baby who was boycotting sleep of all kinds. Emotions got REAL and I’d lost my ability to formulate a coherent thought.

I was hopeful to find another mama, awake and willing to validate what my inner wisdom already knew. I wanted to be inspired by others’ stories and other cultures around the world, many of which have this mothering thing seemingly figured out. I wanted to be able to tap into a support system at all hours of the day, guilt free.

“I was desperate to be surrounded by honest dialogue so that I too felt safe to bring transparency to my own story and ultimately get the support I need.”

Unfortunately, I’ve found many of these communities for new mothers to be lacking in depth on the more challenging topics, spewing dialogue that was overwhelming, mediocre and often disguised behind a layer of desperation and crying emojis. No, thank you!

BUT, sometimes I’d see a glimpse of something really beautiful and transformative taking shape and my heart would explode with, “Yes! More of THIS please.”

The Unspoken Spaces of Motherhood

It’s chats about redefining our identities.
It’s sharing anxieties that seem too small to be labeled.
It’s finding ways to forge our own path to parenting.
It’s coming to terms with selflessly devoting ourselves to something greater.
And dang it, it’s our forgotten rites of passage that no one is honoring.

Aren’t these crucial to the process of fully embodying motherhood? Am I crazy for seeking support in these areas?  



Join the Our Seva Motherhood Circle

Knowing how transformative it is to find support and validation within a community that honors the unspoken spaces of motherhood, I now fully understand the interdependence between motherhood and community. It’s freaking empowering.

The Our Seva Motherhood Circle private Facebook group is fostering a safe space for changing the way we speak about motherhood.

Together, we’re lifting the veil of transparency and making information easy to navigate and integrate into our own personal journeys. Join me for weekly themed discussions around identity, maternal mental health, cultural expectations and our sacred service to motherhood.

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    1. You are so, so welcome. Like you, I’ve craved a space like this before I could even articulate what it was that I was needing. Cheers to building this community for mamas in the “forever postpartum” years to come!

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