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010 – Anything Sacred Is Worth Taking Care Of – Tools For Navigating Overwhelm

In times like these, it’s hard to ignore the larger mission at play.  We observe and surrender to the new global awareness that is being born with each new day, a gift from the universe as a result of the massive nervous system reset. It’s an awareness that shows we are interconnected and co-dependant. Awareness of self, of our impact and the irrefutable fact we are collectively navigating this together.

On an unfathomably large scale, we are having conversations we’ve never had before. Our personal microcosms are making moment-by-moment adjustments just to keep up with the pace of it all. Our nervous systems are waiting in standby, to fight or flight. Our monkey minds, racing between anxious thoughts and deep, deep gratitude. It’s a lot, isn’t it?


The reality is this…it’s going to take some self-perseverance to ensure we don’t lose ourselves in the mix. As women and caregivers, we are being asked to hold space for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. We hold the sometimes daunting roll of being the first pillar of health, modeling strength and resilience for those in our influential sphere. It’s up to us to keep our shit together…just enough.

It’s my belief that anything sacred is worth taking care of. In these challenging times, the sacredness is found in self-care, in our intuition and inner sanctuaries, in ancient and collective wisdom, in the lost art of simplicity, and in remembering that you’ve got this.

There is sacredness in the practice of fostering the belief that we’re going to be ok. Ladies, it’s all going to be ok.

In the weird mix of stillness and flurry that has filled my thoughts these past few weeks, I’ve been playing around with three SIMPLE principles to help navigate feelings of overwhelm.



As women, making do with what we have is in our blood. We are scrappy alchemists, using our innate creativity to guide us. In times of overwhelm there is no better time to throw out artificial constructs and create a new rhythm that fully resonates. Right now, ditch the structures and opt for the lost art of simplicity.

Choose play. Play your freaking heart out, rekindling the inner child lost within you. Ask yourself what’s really needed in the moment, throwing judgement and self-criticism to the side for just this one time.  See the world with fresh, child-like eyes…the kinds of eyes that see our world as magical and simple. Protect the sacredness in simplicity, as that is where stillness and presence can be found. My toddler gets it.



I like to believe that all the answers can be found within, where our inner voices speak so clearly with gusto. Ancient wisdom, like Ayurveda, reunites us with our inner guidance systems. At the root of its sometimes esoteric principles and practices is the acknowledgement that our bodies and minds are intuitively wise, knowing how to adapt, pivot and recalibrate given that we are listening. It provides us with tools for supporting our modern lifestyles while bolstering our endurance and vitality. In times like these, we need this inner guidance, just to keep up with the pace of change. 

My favorite ancient principles tell me that everything I do is interconnected. They tell me that I have immense power in influencing change through micro-adjustments. They reassure me that nothing is forever and A LOT of things are actually in my contro (thank goodness!)l. I’m controlling my breath. I’m assessing and responding to my emotions. I’m drinking the water or not drinking the water. You get it, right? The reason these collections of ancient knowledge are so ancient is because they are so intuitively simple, pure, and adoptable by anyone and everyone under the sun. Find the ancient wisdom living within you and let it lead the way.

→ If you need a good place to start, download Building Immunity in Home & Heart – An Ayurvedic Guide to Sustainable Immunity. It’s a FREE 30-page PDF blending ancient & modern wisdom, recipes for vitality, self-reflection practices, meditation suggestions, and more…all geared towards strengthening the voice within and building immunity.



There is a lot of pressure and responsibility that comes along with holding our shit together. I know you’re all feeling it. It’s palpable. With the world and the realities in our homes changing like the wind, finding our sacred center is going to be the only way the proverbial shit stays together. We need to honor our inner altars, as these are the places we can find the nectar of life and resilience for whatever comes our way.

It is my suggestion to give yourself moments of reconnection, fostering an intimate relationship with your inner sanctuary on an emotional, physical and practical level. Emotional honor yourself for all that you’re doing, recognizing how well you are rolling with the tide or acknowledging the need for help. Physically take care of core needs like eating in a way that strengthens your inner digestive fire. On a practical level,  turn everyday moments of mundane, like drinking tea, showering, walking and even breathing a commitment to noticing the steadiness of the rhythms within. Radically accept and remember the sacredness in the act of returning home.

What is being asked of you right now is to tread lightly with yourself, observing your reality and taking the next intuitive step. Surrendering a little and taking another step.

Make the micro-adjustments, guided by the idea that everything sacred is worth taking care. When we have the ability to witness the sacredness in all of this, we gain depth to the conversation. We show up in new ways for ourselves and our loved ones, birthing a new awareness for the collective.  We’re reunited with the simplicity that guides us if we are listening. When tuning in to our inner wisdom, we hear whispers from ancient vessels reminding not to overcomplicate. And when we are able to tend to our centers, we weather the storm with gratitude.

Sending health to your home & heart ,
Cassie – Our Seva Founder & Postpartum Activist



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