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011 – Pushing The Cultural Narrative During Challenging Times

Over the past few weeks, the prism of privilege I live within has created quite the internal conflict, challenging me to tread lightly and show up for myself and this community in a radical way. By evaluating all things economics, race, family structure and dynamic, career path, mind and body health…things are going my way. I mention this not to call attention to the siloed perspective I may bring, but to place myself within the larger tapestry of what’s going on these days, hopefully approaching each interaction with empathy and thoughtfulness.

I have considered a complete pause to the content I share, pondering how my words add to the collective noise. My monkey-mind and ego question the value in pushing the cultural narrative around womanhood and motherhood, especially in times when we’re all just trying to live for another day, unscathed. There is a fine balance between creative “hustle” and letting a story naturally unfold, and honestly, I’m just trying to find my place within it all.

Then it hit me, this community was created for moments JUST like the present, when everything feels flipped upside down and uncertainty wrecks havoc on our mental health.

When the idea for this space was simmering behind-the-scenes, I was in the depths of my own postpartum period. I was frozen, disconnected from my inner wisdom, and desperately seeking the rallying “me toos” of other vulnerable women. I knew that when I came up for air, it’d be my personal pursuit to facilitate a safe space that talked about the hard stuff…all the unspoken spaces of personal transformation and motherhood. We’d breeze past the surface level banter and dive into the knitty gritty, making sure that we aren’t leaving anyone behind in the fog. Let’s change the way mainstream media broadcasts the hard stuff, not in an effort to normalize and trivialize, but in an effort to empower and transform.

You may not know this, but the Sanskrit word Seva can be directly translated to mean “sacred, selfless service”. To tend to ourselves and the needs of the women in this community is the root of our brand mission. It is OUR SEVA, our sacred, selfless service to one another. It’s the ethos that guides every decision I make, every article and personal story that’s shared and every “me too” that’s gaining momentum in our private Facebook group. It’s the dedication to our inner work, so that we can selflessly show up for one another and be the guiding light when our inner wisdom needs a little extra love.

So as we move through these really uncertain times, I’m going to continue to show up and serve from my freakin’ heart because it’s my svadharma, my individual purpose. I’m going to do my best to facilitate progressive conversation that gives us the language needed to speak our truths, build supportive villages, and forge paths that are more in alignment with where we want to go as a collective. I promise to diligently monitor, protecting our safe space so we all have a welcoming and inclusive place to land. All that I ask from you is to share with vulnerability, remember the power in mothering the mother, and serve with the essence of seva, as we are collectively navigating new terrain. And if you choose to distance yourself from being online right now, know that this group and content will be waiting for you when you return.

“Feel the unseen hand directing you every minute. Know that what comes from that place is always unplanned by you, and is for the good of everybody.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda



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This post was written on 4.5.2020 in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic.
Photo Cred: Via / Arrangement for @m_magazine

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