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Slow & Steady – Q&A with Center For Sacred Window Studies

In January of 2019, I embarked on the path of becoming certified as a postpartum caregiver through the guidance of the Center for Sacred Window Studies.  After experiencing a really rocky postpartum window myself, I knew I needed to have the ability to root myself within the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to help bring these sometimes esoteric (but completely life altering) practices to the lives of transforming women, especially those finding themselves navigating new motherhood. I wasn’t quite sure if I’d use my certification in the traditional sense (as a postpartum doula), but I knew the knowledge gained would ripple out into everything that I did.

In this interview with Nena Complo (one of my fellow student cohorts ), we talk about how I’m using my certification today and how the program has sparked an internal activist. I also go into more depth on the story behind how Our Seva was created and how the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is the beautiful pairing to our incredibly wise inner voice. I’m excited to share this casual conversation with you and hope it inspires you to step into the unknown, knowing all you have to do today is take the next best step <3

Thank you Nena for hosting and thank you Center for Sacred Window Studies, for the continued support. If you haven’t browsed the CSWS blog yet, hop on over there – It’s a beautiful curation.

Take a listen!



Cover Photo by: @rnr.creative

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