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014 – Tending To Our Hearts

During times of great change, shifting cultural narratives, and phases of transformation, there is no better time to establish a connection with the ever-present wisdom within. This wisdom or innate intuition is waiting at our disposal, eager to serve and guide us to a steadiness we so desperately seek. It invites us to seek out new rhythms and to take the next best step forward; a step that fully resonates with the heart’s desires. By not tending to our hearts, we dishonor our sense of self and push aside vital information from the wisest parts within.

For many of us, these times of forced pause and evaluation have allowed us to rewrite aspects of our lives that no longer serve us, our families and our communities. We are witnessing a resilience and adaptability that hasn’t been seen in the recent past.

Much like the time following the birth of a mother, personal transformation and massive global shifts challenge us to strip things back, only leaving behind what’s essential. 

According to wise yogis and ancient texts, innate knowledge (inner wisdom) is the first ray of consciousness. Simply put, we do not and can not exist without it. The fact that it is innate means we are not separate from it. It is US. I don’t know about you, but knowing I have instant access to the wisdom of lifetimes feels incredibly powerful and supportive…especially as a transforming woman…who mothers…during an ever intensifying global climate.


Out of necessity, I’ve challenged the trending topic of self care, finding my own personal resolution in what’s actually needed to bolster healthy minds and bodies. I’ve discovered it’s not always what everyone else is doing, and I’m finding great peace in this realization.  I’ve set up guard rails for what I allow to come in and out our safe spaces; a new way of filtering that clears the path to the wisdom residing within and refines the relationship and respect I have to myself. As a collective, we’ve deepened our practice of listening and we are starting to return home. 

It’s taken me some time to get here at this new foundation, where I mostly live by the guiding principles of essentialism and by the subtle suggestions from the wisest version of myself. As a new mother, I had lost my way, navigating new terrain completely disconnected from any sort of steady internal rhythm. I had forgotten that wisdom wasn’t necessarily a result of gained experience, but rather a resource already built in, a resource that was accessible to me at any time with very little action.

What I thought was a postpartum crisis and lost identity was actually a severed tether between my actions and the desires supported from within. Maybe this was you as well?


As a result of a pandemic-induced awakening, I’ve settled into a more sustainable personal practice of “tuning in”, a practice that is in full support of the desires of the heart. No longer am I dependent on elaborate meditations or grounding rituals to feel connected to some sort of free flowing body of wisdom.  Today, my sādhana (personal practice) looks very different than even three months ago. It’s a living and breathing practice that surrenders and embodies the wisdom within, no matter what phase I’m in or what creative project I’ve resurrected. It’s a “bowing of the head” to the subtle voice that guides and to whom provides reassurance for intuitive action. When I’m walking, breathing, tidying, singing, gardening or even weathering a toddler tantrum; I’m placing my focus on the power of listening. The wise words I often hear are simple, yet eloquent. She says, “slow down, not today, drink some water, breath”. Everything that’s needed to be said at just the right time. An unfiltered and beautiful exchange, offering grace and inviting full surrender.

As women and mothers, I want you to know there is another way. I believe it’s an empowering feminine approach to navigating change and uncertainty. We no longer are in need of unsupportive cultural narratives that say we need to pick up our pace or longingly seek answers outside of ourselves. We are opting for an alternative that is variegated and creatively customized to our own path of personal transformation. On this path, we as a collective are guided by our intuitions, fully aligned with our personal resolution, and we are taking action based on the desires emanating from our hearts. THIS is a good place to be.



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