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024 – Seasonal Seeds of Wisdom

Reflections on cultivating divine creativity:


In vedic wisdom, the Sanskit word BIJA  (‘seed’) is used as a metaphor, representing the creative origin and of all things. Figuratively speaking, seeds are inherently wise, each creating its own rhythms and having its own needs. When given spaciousness, tenderness and nourishment, a seed will alchemize and transform into new creation. The passing seasons offer up another beautiful metaphor and opportunity to witness what happens to our creations (our seeds) when we witness them moving through the natural flow of birth, death, dormancy and rebirth.

As mothers, the ultimate carrier of seeds and divinely creative beings, we owe it to ourselves to listen deeply to the wisdom underneath the process of transformation and devote ourselves to activating a greater sense of appreciation for all that we birth.


It has been my experience that the seeds of Winter act as a great devotional teacher. Gifted with the mystery of darker days, we are invited to practice patience for what’s ahead and befriend the anxieties attached to that of the unknown. We might be pulled towards reverence for the mastery displayed in dormancy or feel called to consciously slow down, honoring the silence of behind-the-scenes progress. The wisdom of the season sirens to return us home and plant seeds of nourishment in the form of attunement.


The seeds of Spring usher in a fortification, a building of robustness for what’s soon to emerge. We may feel guided to set meaningful SANKALPAS (‘intentions’), sink into our personalized self care rituals, or wake up the senses to welcome in a new form of readiness. The vital wisdom of the season is felt on the path towards deep, satisfying restoration and the remembrance that all good things are tended to with time. 


The seeds of Summer come bursting in on a bliss bubble, where a magic shines with vibrancy. A seasonal nectar is at our disposal, inspiring a playfulness that naturally births the spirit of gratitude and awe from the world around us. This is the time to honor the divine mother and to be the keeper of her magic, pocketing it away for a time with less gusto. The wisdom of the season guides us directly towards our heart centers, where wholeness tends to collide with chasing charm. 


The seeds of Autumn move in slowly and can easily be missed. At this SANDHI (‘juncture’), we pause within the stillness of what is and what will be.  The grounding effects of the season root us down into steadier rhythms and ignite an internal fire to burn bright during times of dormancy. Recognized as the season of ‘shifts’, its wisdom provides purpose in the pause, settling minds during times of great change.


You and I, in a constant state of co-creation with our most authentic desires. The change in seasons provide us with a rhythmic pattern and source of inspiration to move us along the paths of least resistance.

With nature’s graceful demonstration, we are inspired to move closer and closer towards the birthplace of our creations.

So, whether it’s Winter’s reminder to listen deeply, Spring’s nudge towards restoration, Summer’s abundance of bliss or Autumn’s pause, it is our daily practice as mother’s to devote ourselves to showing up to the great unfolding and to continue planting seeds along the way.


With Love & Gratitude,



This week’s journal prompt: What seeds of wisdom are you currently witnessing? How can you honor this deep listening and turn your authentic desires into creative manifestation?

Resources for your practice: Amanda Watter’s personal reflection on cultivating a Creative Spirit, Claire Ragozzino’s thoughts on Meaningful Intentions, and “Unseen Magic” personal reflection on the Our Seva Blog.



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