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025 – The Bhakti Heart

Reflections on living from a place of devotion:


The winding path towards and through motherhood can feel like a heroine test of endurance, where the tangible rewards of our devotion get lost amongst the rigmarole of all the trudging and lugging. As humble servants, we live in a constant state of heads-down tending, leading us to believe our progress has lost its pep or that our path lacks deep, soulful purpose.

Oftentimes, it’s everyone’s needs before our own; grace, ease, gratitude and surrender subdued by the rhythmic pulse of daily responsibilities. 

It’s only when we turn our gaze inward that motherhood transforms into seva, a sacred, selfless service. As wise women, we all know it’s not the label of “mother” that places purpose into our role, but rather it’s our devotion to continually showing up to the pursuit that builds a love experienced and expressed unconditionally. Our motherhood seva, manifesting directly from our bhakti hearts with very little effort.

In the yogic tradition, the Sanskrit word BHAKTI is understood as ‘devotion’ that is paired with a state of mind that is fully surrendered and supremely attached to that which is considered Godly. A bhakta, someone embodying this path of letting go and heightenedd love, often lives within a wordless realm and in a constant state of awe.  Everything on their path is witnessed as a gift and lesson, shifting their perspective and generating a fire within that has the power to dissolve longing and grasping for something beyond what is. Everything is experienced with suddha prem (pure love) and the purpose of the path is rarely questioned.. 

So, in the practical realm, what happens when we absorb ourselves in surrender? Will our foreheads soften with each letting-go breath? Do we start to absorb the wisdom of the world differently or have personal experiences that are more deeply felt? 

Motherhood offers a moment-by-moment opportunity to turn the gaze inward and explore our own custom-tailored paths of devotion. It’s about allowing our children, the gurus at our feet, the privilege of guiding us back towards heart center, where wisdom innately resides amongst unconditional love. With time, we turn playtime into blips of pure presence and mealtimes into shared communion with nourishing spirit. Outdoor adventures turn into reverence for Mother Nature and tantrums into reconnection with breath. Our children, both our path and our practice.

As devotional bhakta Krishna Das so beautifully put, “devotion gives us direction”. We are not required to do MORE. We are simply invited to walk through the magically mundane moments with a starry-eyed amazement that can transport us to a deeper place of placid and transform the heads-down tending into sacred service.

Grace, ease, gratitude and surrender enlivened by the rhythmic pulse of daily responsibilities.


With Love & Gratitude,



This week’s journal prompt: How can I be of service today (to myself and others)? How can I show up to serve embodying the qualities of a fully surrendered bhaki heart?

Resources for your practice: Krishna Das’ perspective on Unconditional Love, Bhakti Yoga Shala on Instagram and “Beyond The Ripples” personal reflection on the Our Seva Blog.



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