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016 – Living In-Between & The Urgency to Transform

Within the intimacy of the Our Seva women’s group, we dove into the energetics of living in the spaces in-between. In an ever-shifting society, we are growing accustomed to navigating uncertainty on a daily basis. Together, we sit uncomfortably amongst the stillness that comes when one structure (political hierarchy, beliefs, traditions, identities, etc) dissolves right before our eyes, and the “something new” hasn’t yet emerged. We’re anxiously waiting for the rebirth with restlessness in our actions and hope in our hearts. I know you too sense the urgency surrounding this particular transformation process. 

Ayurveda recognizes and honors these transitions, as these are the junctures that connect what was, to what is, to what will be. Given the Sanskrit word SANDHI, these in between spaces offer up great wisdom, reminding us of the dance between our efforts and the grace that comes with allowing. With an added layer of surrender, there are immense gifts to be discovered while we wait, morph and settle into the new rhythms that take form from a place of intentional stillness. 

I have found the entirety of my journey towards and into motherhood to be lived in these junctures. I’m always becoming and never quite there.

My transformation process has become a daily practice, observing which rhythms guide a natural state of bliss and which rhythms feel forced and take me out of flow. How does my mind respond to in-action? What does my inner voice say about graceful transitions? What wave will I choose to ride today? As I play witness to what is laid before me, I awaken to the sacredness found in the mundane, the spaces where repetition and stillness take on a whole new meaning.

I know there is purpose in the pause. The intentionality behind the orchestra of change is beautifully modeled when the day fades to night and night gracefully breaks for dawn. Everything happens in perfect timing, with a steadiness I often envy. As I deepen my personal practice of living with liminality (in a constant state of “in-betweenness”), it’s natural rhythms like the setting sun that offer up an altered point of view, moving me from my head to my heart and reminding me of the sattva (pure) qualities found within the seemingly simple. I bear witness to unforced progress.


As we move into many more months of living in-between, I encourage you to explore what practices and rhythms allow you to embody the role of observer. Practically speaking, here are some questions to ask…

*  Are there more graceful ways to navigate the transitions between daily activities?

*  Can you pause for a moment longer, fine tuning your teether to your guiding voice within and taking action only when aligned with your inner resolution?

*  Are there ways you can offer grace to the transformation process?

*  Are you responding with compassion?

*  How can you honor the stillness between who you are and who you are becoming?


The urgency to transform is palpable.

For today…we wait, together. Our only job right now is to embody what is, surrender unsupportive narratives around progress, and settle into more sustainable rhythms that will get us to where we are meant to be.



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